Feeling so much gratitude this morning ... tell me what your grateful for. Tell me at least 3 things, no matter how small or how grand... And people, please comment on one another’s comments ... it is good to be seen and supported by a community in this world where connection can be hard found ... it doesn’t take much to be seen- just the willingness to be honest ... and a safe place to be vulnerable in... I have always appreciated how few “trolls” my social media has ... you are all from different walks of life, and we all have this place where we can take refuge and breath and show up for the struggle and the joy... this is your community much more than mine ... you outnumber me! So comment on one another’s gratitude , or send them some sort of acknowledgment for the struggles they fight through... we all struggle .. and with time, we can all find a better place .. sometimes even in the blink of an eye by saying what we are grateful for ..#community #connection #nature #gratitude

jewel Jewel ( @jewel )
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Thanks for the reflective vid of appreciation and gratitude. Could you possibly consider developing an asmr video that parallels this one - it's needed and would be lovingly embraced. Thank you, dearest Jewel 🌺💛


Sometimes tho “Jewel”, silence is golden, and...it’s a good thing!!..🙊


Gratitude is so important. I have it tattooed on my forearm. 1. I am grateful that I get to teach kindergarten. 2. Grateful that Pieces of you saved me from my teenage years by allowing me to feel grief in your songs- and although I didn’t know how bad the pain was until adulthood- I was able to release so many feelings with your music that I think in many ways it saved me. 3. Grateful for all the people before me who share their wisdom with me.


@jennifermcmoo how strong you must be to check yourself in to a rehab facility. Stay strong! We all have our struggles and it's people like you that help us know it will be okay and that we can do it! Must be so proud of yourself!! 💕


Nice view. Glad your doing better as you gotten older. What am I grateful for. My kids my life my music my label my tv show my radio show my career my family and Friends and the list goes on #grateful 


I’m grateful for humor in my life. I’m grateful for my mantra ‘not many things are forever, just for now’ it’s made it easier to make decisions and change in my life for the positive.


I'm grateful for the breath in my body because without it none of these wonderful experiences we have as humans would be possible


I am grateful for the kindness found in a smile. I am grateful for the air, the life I and my family breathe in everyday. I am grateful for nature and the connection that we can have with it if we choose to take it.


I am grateful for my sobriety. I met you in San Diego at your meet and greet. You wrote on my book ( Never Broken) “ It’s Broken your not. ( my book was very worn and torn up.) I shortly checked myself into a rehab facility after that concert. I will be forever grateful for your simple words that hold so much power. It has carried me through and been a reminder that I am not broken. I am also grateful for my family as they keep me grounded. Last, I am grateful for music as it heals my souls. ❤️🙏🏻❤️


I am grateful that at the tender age of 10 I discovered your music and poetry and since then have been blessed by your presence in my life. I am grateful for my journey, however difficult it may seem at times, it is mine and mine alone. I am grateful for the ability to love: people, places, animals, music, art, etc.


I'm grateful I left the corporate world and now I'm a librarian of two small town libraries in the White Mountains of NH. My life has become peaceful.


I’m grateful to be turning 41 today. I’m grateful for one more day with my boys before one heads off to college and the other heads off to a new job in a new state. I’m grateful for the ability to run which helps me keep my head clear and my body healthy.


Every night I do this with my daughters right before they go to bed. Helps them fall asleep peaceful and I enjoy it so much.


This morning I am grateful for feeling safe in my new apartment, the love I feel from my chosen family, and the ability to choose my own path.


I am grateful for my health, for my family, for being in a moment in life where I am looking inside and being more aware of my feelings, wishes and my true purpose in life. I am very grateful for being authentic ♥️🙌


I am grateful for the feeling of a warm coffee cup in my hands. I am grateful for kisses from my children. I am grateful for the smell of pine trees in the black hills. ♡


America, land of the free! God bless America! God bless President Trump!


I'm grateful that I had to make a difficult decision for my health a few weeks ago and it will lead to healing for both myself and my family.