Northern California fire. This was taken a few hours ago, but because of the thick black smoke, it seems like night time. Looks pretty scary right? Currently there are a couple hundred people sheltering inside a Kmart. Reports are that most of the city of Paradise is gone. McDonalds burned down, Feather River hospital burned. This fire is currently at 25,000 acres and hasn’t even been 12 hours since it started. This fire is being pushed by high winds and is very erratic. Currently there are 7 major fires burning. So. Cal has 3 major fires burning. One will probably hit the ocean tonight. Heard of a new start near the CA/Oregon border.

firemensquickie Steven Savezu ( @firemensquickie )
50 9 1:43am 11/09/2018
Paradise, California

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Stay safe out there guys! 🙏🏼💔


Sorry to hear that 5 have died so far , sympathy to all involved!